Winter Wonderland …ish

Since this morning was the first morning in over a week that it wasn’t -30C and two of three exams are completed (woo hoo!), I thought it would  be nice to go for a walk and enjoy the snow before it all melts. I’m hoping that it’ll stick around long enough so that we can have a white, not brown, Christmas!

Snow + Sunlight makes for some fun photo taking!

My next exam isn’t until Monday let alone the fact that it’s ethics, so it’s really hard to study when all I want to do is get ready for Christmas! Any tips for helping to stay focused?

Do you think you’re going to have a white Christmas this year?


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8 responses to “Winter Wonderland …ish

  1. I love that you could see the christmas lights peeking out of the snow in one of your pictures 🙂 I know for certain I will be having a GRAY Christmas. It doesn’t snow here.

  2. Alex

    Hehe – you and I are both NOT studying for the same exam – ethics!!! 🙂 Good luck!

  3. Lovely photos!

    No white Christmas for me… it just doesn’t really snow here.

  4. Knowing Nebraska all the snow we got here will have melted by December 24th.

    Nice to see that a bright blue sky still exists though.

  5. Beautiful photos. I’m not studying right now, but I totally get the urge to do anything but that.

  6. I love the picture with the berries. At first I thought it was some kind of basket with berries and snow on top.

  7. Ooh – I really like the first one! Something about the branches bending around the snow-topped berries… very nice.

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