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Vancouver Island in November

This past weekend was reading break (where we had more than 4 days off!), so Heather and I headed out to Vancouver Island. I know, you must be thinking that I’m crazy because it appears that I don’t travel anywhere else. I guess I don’t, but I love Vancouver Island and our three days away didn’t disappoint!

We got to witness so many fantastic waves that had I watched every good wave show we saw, I would have done nothing else.

We visited an old growth forest and there were pumpkins… all along the side of the road. It was quite random but very happy.

We went for tea at The Empress Hotel in Victoria. If you have a chance and have money, I highly recommend it because look at all the (gluten free!) goodies that you get:

They have the most delicious lemon curd. Ever. Even if you dislike lemons, you’ll like it. It’s that good.

And for you gluten-a-tors, this is the spread you get:

Just a word of warning – when you’re on vacation, don’t comment that you’ve had surprisingly good weather for two days in a row because it will rain for the rest of the time and you’ll find out that your rental car has a tendency to hydroplane while it’s pouring in the dark. Not that it happened to us.

What did you do this weekend?


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