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With Thanksgiving


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in Canada. (Given, you know, that our harvest comes a month earlier than most of the States.) It seems almost fitting that this week’s homework from the book study Mr. Bean and I are doing at our church is to really think about the things that we are thankful for and to try to come up with a list.

It’s so easy to overlook most blessings in our lives, especially the biggest things like the ability to read, mobility and cognitive function. I feel like I take so much for granted, so I’ve spent some time coming up with my “Thanksgiving List.”

Things that I am thankful for, in no particular order:

  1. The blessing that Mr. Bean is to my life
  2. Sunday dinners with my family
  3. That I don’t have to worry about basic needs
  4. The smell of baking in the oven
  5. The knitted things my mother-in-law makes me
  6. Being warm
  7. People to share my baking with
  8. My parent’s dog
  9. Going to uni, despite how  much grief it sometimes gives me
  10. That I am not currently in a psych ward somewhere
  11. Smiling babies
  12. Not threatened with death for being a Christian
  13. Riding my bike
  14. Sleep
  15. Being able to walk
  16. Being able to enjoy God’s beauty
  17. Someone (Mr. Bean) to stick my feet on when they’re cold and to hold me as I cry
  18. Clean water
  19. The ability to allergy-proof food and baking
  20. Time spent with friends
  21. My counsellor
  22. Second (Third, Fourth,…) chances
  23. That I can choose to be joyful
  24. My slippers
  25. The painting Mr Bean’s Grandpa made for us
  26. The blessings that God has given me
  27. Hugs
  28. Late night conversations
  29. That I don’t have to see those people at the hospital anymore
  30. My bible study group
  31. Being able to feel the soft fur of baby animals
  32. That I can leave the house without an escort
  33. Rulers and calculators
  34. Being Silly
  35. Light

What are you thankful for? What would be the top five things on your “Thanksgiving List?”


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