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This Whole Time Management Thing…

I am not as good as I want to be at time management. There, I said it. What about you? Lately, it seems that time management is taking over my life and I’m not sure if I like it or not. Between 5 courses and the associated workload (= lots. All fourth engineering students nod their heads), trying to make time for God, Mr. Bean and my family, ballroom dancing lessons, two different bible/book studies, church duties, exercise, preventing my house from becoming like a bomb blast, counselling, trying to keep my sanity and stress levels low(ish) while preventing any kind of depressive or anxious episode, and writing in my blog let alone commenting, I’m pretty busy. Oh yeah, I have to remember to be a social being somewhere in there as well. (Can you tell which one falls to the wayside first? haha.)

Last time I saw my counsellor, he challenged me to come up with a system to manage my time so that I don’t stress out as much and fall down the slippery slope of negative mood swings. (like two weeks ago, which I really don’t want to repeat.) I haven’t really, so I need your help. Especially since I see him tomorrow – procrastination anyone?

I realize that I could spend lots of time scouring the interwebs on tips for time management, but I thought that it might be fun to ask all of you: What are your best tips for time management? How do(n’t) you effectively manage your time?

Please, do help a student out! I guess it’s time to stuff in some separation questions before bed. 😉

Please note that I do have a day timer, which is quite helpful for keeping track of when things are – Meeting with design project supervisor tomorrow – check, midterm and quiz on Thursday – check! But I have difficulty keeping track of all the tasks that I need to do. I usually end up writing them on a random piece of paper that gets lost in all the mess that equals my desk or kitchen table. Help?


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