Daily Archives: September 30, 2009

Today, I learned…

… that fire trucks don’t always take the fastest route to their destination*.

… that I could have been in/witnessed an accident if I had been a few minutes later**.

… that sometimes it’s easier to get to your destination if you start further away.

… that relationships are beautiful yet delicate things and don’t work if one person is emotionally absent.

… that fall is here with its wind and cold mornings.

… and how peanut oil diffuses from peanut butter through chocolate, according to my professor.

What did you learn today?

*As I was biking home, a fire truck passed me and took the long way around to get to the emergency at the grocery store across the street. Had it taken the shorter route, it would have arrived at the store before I did – I guess google maps doesn’t always give the best instructions.
**I had to quickly ride home today at lunch to grab something I forgot. When I was riding back to the uni, an accident had happened in the intersection that I went through maybe 5-10 minutes before. The police were there and taking statements, which means that the accident happened about 5+ minutes beforehand. Fortunately, I don’t think anyone was grievously injured.


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