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Gratuitous Shoe Post

I like to gripe about my feet. That’s because they’re super wide (I have EEE width hockey skates), high arched and very small. When my old running shoes gave me blisters, on the bottoms of my feet no less, I needed to replace my 5-year-old relics.So, I happily went to the mall and did.

Have any of you had a type of shoes that you’ve always fancied but knew that it would never work? Every time I’ve been to Europe, I’ve looked at the displays of pumas, but knew that neither the price nor the size would fit. So, when I had the temptation of getting a puma-type style of shoe for sale that fit, I gave in. I got these pretties:


I really have too many shoes but they all have their own uses. (Insert Mr Bean’s eye’s rolling.)

What shoes are you currently having a miniature love affair with?


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