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Our Ballroom Dancing Adventures

Mr. Bean and I started taking ballroom dancing lessons two years ago in preparation for our wedding. We’ve continued on taking lessons, started level 2 and tonight was the first time that we actually attended a club sponsored dance.Rest assured that we’re no where near as good as the people who are on “So You Think You Can Dance.”


We arrived late due to construction (it’s really a brilliant idea to go from three lanes to one on a main thoroughfare!) but we didn’t miss much. Every dance starts off with a lesson and today we learned Merengue. It’s a very easy latin dance where you basically step back and forth and turn a lot. Like so:

As a woman, it’s lots of fun as you just kind of turn your brain off and let yourself be lead through all the various moves while keeping the basic rhythm. It’s great because you don’t have to follow any specific footwork, just back and forth!

I’m glad that we’re taking ballroom dancing lessons again as they’re fun and it’s good that we can doing something together as a couple. We may not be pro stars, but we have fun.

Have you ever tried ballroom dancing? If not, what sports or activities do you do with your significant other?


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