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A Parenting Question

This is a situation that I witnessed while on the bus this week and I’d like to know what you would do.

There is a mother with two children (both about 2 – 3 years old) in a stroller. The girl is sleeping in the front and the boy is playing with the mother’s cell phone. The phone starts ringing, so the mother takes the cell phone and answers it. The boy starts making motions to try to grab then phone and when the mom ignores him, he starts screaming. When that doesn’t work, he starts crying. The mother continues her conversation and I can see the boy’s brain working. He looks at his sleeping sister then at the phone and starts hitting his sister. She wakes up and also starts crying. The mom tries to calm down her daughter, finishes her conversation and then soothes her back into sleeping. Eventually, she gives the cell phone back to her son.

The thing that really bothers me about this is that even after he hit his sister, he got the cell phone back. I do understand the pressure in public situations to keep your children quiet but should that take precedence over keeping boundaries?

If you were the mother, what would you have done?


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