Dessert Party

This morning Sister Bean left for YWAM (Youth with a Mission) for her DTS (Discipleship Training School.) I’m really quite happy for her and I think that it will be a wonderful learning and faith-building experience!

So in celebration, my parent’s hosted a dessert party last night in honour of Sister Bean leaving. I’ll have to apologize as then only pictures of food that I took were my own – I did make a recipe from one of my newer gourmet gluten-free cookbooks called Pear Hazelnut Cake. I don’t know if I want to attempt to de-skin any more hazelnuts in the next while as 1/3 c. was more than enough!


I was kind of disappointed that  I didn’t get any pictures with Sister Bean, especially considering that I won’t be seeing her until Christmas. To placate you, here is a picture of myself and Mr. Bean. You can see some of the desserts in the background: my sister made rhubarb crisp, and there was also a whole bunch of gluten-tastic cakes and muffins as well as fruit.


One thing about my family is when we get together we think about very crazy things. Like launching deer and creating gnome armies. Or being viciously attacked by an ice picker upper.


I do hope that my sister has a wonderful, transforming time during her DTS!

Do you know anyone who has been called to go on any sort of discipleship training or missions?



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4 responses to “Dessert Party

  1. Launching deer??? That sounds dangerous! LOL!

    (visiting from SITS)

    – Margaret

  2. i have a few cousins that did some work with YWAM. Good for your sister! (any leftover desserts to share? yummmm)

  3. Rae

    I have friends who did DTS and it was really great for them. My younger sister was going to, but ended up at Bible school instead. I must admit that I am still a bit freaked out because it can seem so… I won’t even say it. I am just a bit concerned about intense religious situations that are restrictive in their theological inclination.

    Best wishes for your sister! Is she done at Christmas, or is that half way through for her?

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