My First Attempt at Ice Cream and Vanilla Beans


I would like to announce that today was my first time using a vanilla bean. Honestly, I didn’t know that our grocery store had them ( and I’ve spent a ridiculous amount time in the baking aisle – trust me) until I asked Mr. Bean to look for them. (Aren’t I such a nice wife?) Cutting open and scraping out the vanilla-y goodness is quite a novelty for me.

So what did I do with it? Made ice “cream”, of course! I know, I know, it’s a bit late to be adding to the summer ice cream recipe bonanza (hey, there’s still one week left!), but we only obtained a method for the desired madness a few days ago – a Magic Bullet. No longer do I have to stare at recipes wishing that I could do something similar, so I celebrated and made a version of banana coconut ice “cream” ala Coconut Girl.


I only used one banana and too much coconut milk, so it turned out a bit liquidy, but the taste tester didn’t complain.


I feel like I’ve found a brave new world of food – fortunately we have a few last days of summer to enjoy it in!

But who are we kidding, I’ll probably make ice cream or sorbet when it’s -40C with windchill.

What is your favourite homemade ice cream recipe?


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4 responses to “My First Attempt at Ice Cream and Vanilla Beans

  1. Sadly the only way I’ve ever made ice cream is with some salt and coffee cans. It’s fun as a kid but not very conducive to trying fancy recipes.

    Were your fingers smelling of nothing but vanilla after you scraped the bean?


    Over from SITS.

  3. Oh yum! Ice cream is my ULTIMATE comfort food. Sad, celebrating, angry, tired, snacky, Ice cream it is and ALL YEAR ROUND!!

    Happy Wednesday SITSa!!

  4. Rae

    I just started using vanilla beans for the first time. The only thing that I’ve done so far is to make vanilla extract.

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