The Face Washing “Ritual”

Pretty much every time my sister and I are out on Vancouver Island together, we go and wash our faces in the ocean. Why? Well, salt water is known to help dry out pimples – something both of us have had problems with. Want to know how to do our face washing “ritual”? Wonder no longer as here are some step-by-step instructions.

Step 1: Take a dish basin and fill it with clean ocean water.


Step 1a: Notice all the happy crabs on rocks in the water:


Step 2: Place basin on flat rock:


Step 3: Position your face slightly above the basin and cup your hands in the water:


Step 4: Splash your face liberally with water.


There you have it! Next time you visit the ocean, you can successfully wash your face as well.

Do you have any weird traditions you do with your siblings?

Thank you to my sister for being such a willing model.

I put ritual in quotation marks because I don’t want people to think that it is some kind of cultish activity, as it is not.


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7 responses to “The Face Washing “Ritual”

  1. Well, I don’t have a sibling so I can’t have any great rituals like that. But, it sounds like you two know how to enjoy life.

  2. Very interesting. Good to know if I’m ever on Vancouver Island. 🙂 I can’t think of any specific rituals my sisters and I have… just whenever we are together we act incredibly silly and there’s lots of singing involved!

  3. Amanda

    that’s fabulous!! I love it!

  4. Rae

    Love it. I really like the idea of sibling rituals, but I can’t think of any of mine off the top of my head. Have you actually noticed any difference after washing with sea water? I’m inclined to try it, but a bit doubtful that it works…

  5. That’a s fun tradition! 🙂

  6. jeksembekeene

    Authentic words, some truthful words man. Thanks for makin my day.

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