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Well, I’m Back…

Yesterday evening Mr. Bean and I arrived home from Vancouver Island last night.¬† It was a very fun weekend and my cousin’s wedding was very beautiful. We flew to Victoria, then drove up island to my parent’s cottage in our rented Suzuki Swift. It was actually surprisingly roomy and zippy for such a small car.


Once we arrived, we did a whole lot of not much. I went swimming a few times, including wave jumping with my sister in a token lucky moment of warmth and sunshine.



We also participated in our face washing “ritual”:


Throughout the few days we were there, my mum, sister and made an attempt at landscaping (more on this later) while my dad and Mr. Bean rebuilt a shed between taking rows in the “luxury yacht” – an 8 foot plastic row boat.

On another note, today was my first day of school. It is such a bizarre yet familiar feeling to be back at school and very nice to see some people who I haven’t seen in a while. I now have a group for my big year long design project and I have a desk not too far from the front in our homeroom where we have classes. Eventually, I’ll need to figure out what textbooks I need, but that is not imminent.

I found out today that I do not have a job with the company I had my internship with after I graduate. While it is a bit disappointing, I’m happy for the direction (or closed door in this case) and deep in my heart I knew that I didn’t really want to do that. So, now I’m left with the question: what do I do after I graduate? Do I try to get a job with various oil and gas companies, try to find some more process related engineering job that isn’t all the way on the other side of Calgary, try to enter architecture school, pursue cake decorating or becoming a pastry chef or something completely different? I guess it’s time to ask God for discernment as to what he wants me to do and to open and close the appropriate doors and windows.

What did you do this labour day?


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