Polenta Pizza

Polenta, where have you been my entire life? My dad used to make cornmeal mush (porridge) for breakfasts almost every Sunday but it never quite got to the polenta stage. Wait, my dad did once bring home a weird tube of gritty yet gelatinous corn stuff but I’m still going to declare that this is my first taste of polenta. I think I’m in love.

I got this pizza recipe from The Brown Eyed Baker – I love how it is naturally gluten free!

I did make a few changes with the recipe given the ingredients that I had in my house:

  • 8 strips of bacon instead of 5 – who doesn’t love bacon?
  • grape tomatoes instead of roma tomatoes
  • normal mushrooms instead of the spiffy kind the recipe recommends (I used about 8-9)
  • added a bit of Parmesan cheese over top of the toppings.


I had a left over piece for lunch today and man, was delicious even when cold. I was pretty impressed that the crust stayed together and was still slightly crispy. Yum.


Have you tried polenta before? If you have, how did you eat it?


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8 responses to “Polenta Pizza

  1. I do love me some simple polenta. I just like the gritty cornness of it, though I don’t have any recipes.

    It’s one of those sometime foods like couscous.

  2. Rae

    I’ve had grilled polenta before, and was actually thinking about making it today. But this looks even better. I think that I will try it, sans bacon.

  3. What a great idea! I love polenta, but I never thought to use it as pizza crust.

  4. Hey Lady! The Joy of Cooking came in today! I’m so excited… and so is Husband. He’s thinking he’ll get some more home cooked meals now. I really do love it. Thanks again!

  5. Thanks for stopping by!

    I’m hungry and your post it’s about pizza. Now I have to have one! lol


    looks very tasty too

  7. So glad that you enjoyed this nontraditional pizza! It’s a great twist on polenta.

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