Babies Everywhere!

Well, not quite, but there have been a lot of baby related things happening – I know 5 people who have had babies recently or are currently pregnant. Baby number one is Malachi. Baby number two is Lauren, my cousin’s daughter, who my parents, sister and I visited on Sunday. She’s almost 3 months old and loves knowing where everyone is:


DSC_1752What are you staring at?

My cousin and her boyfriend have two dogs: Lennox (Boxer) and Jack (Bulldog). Not quite a human baby, but Lennox is an 11 month puppy and is hilarious:


I love how they both look so intelligent.

Pregnant woman number one is one of my former coworkers. Yesterday, my former work threw a baby shower for her. (Yes, I went back  just for this shower – honestly, I was quite happy to see some of my coworkers again! And it gave me a chance to try out my new lens – more on that later.) She’s having a baby boy due at the end of September –  I am so excited for her!


They had an incredibly cute cake – the booties are made out of cake! (I did offer to make a cake, but this one was already ordered. It had chocolate mousse icing. It looked sooooo good.)


So  that’s 3/5 – the other two I’ll share about once they have their baby showers!

Are there also a lot of babies within your circle of friends?


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7 responses to “Babies Everywhere!

  1. You’re right! There is definitely a baby boom going on. There were 30+ babies born in my dh’s dept alone at his company this year. As you know we just had our first. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving congrats!

  2. Must be something in the water. Love the facial expressions babies make. It’s also great embarassment fodder for when they get older.

  3. I agree Dahhling…babies are in the air, babies are everywhere! Just this month I have learned of so many of my friends/family becoming preggo! I wish them luck and say better them than me(I already contributed my 2 to the world.

    Sassy Chica

    thanks for stopping by my blog, come again soon!!

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