To Love You More

Sorry that I haven’t been around lately – our modem died = no interwebs.

Some of you may have heard Celine Dion’s song “To Love You More” before. If you haven’t, watch this:

Now imagine that is song was played at the wedding I went to a few Saturdays ago. Imagine that you’re having a sugar high, feeling silly and your husband is sitting at a table a bit away from the dance floor.  What the logical conclusion for you to do? Well, of course you start serenading your husband. Like this:

One of my friends handed me a mic sometime throughout the song. My sister and another friend decided to be my back up dancers.



Please excuse the poor quality – the photos were not taken with my camera.

Poor Mr. Bean was dying.

Honestly, I wished  that the DJ played another song like that so I could have had a reprise.

At least we all danced to “Stop” from the Spice Girls before the groom left:


Just like what happened at a wedding 4 years ago:

ScannedImage(The Groom is the guy on the left, followed by Mr. Bean and another friend.)

Have you every taken part in any kind of ridiculous dancing?


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5 responses to “To Love You More

  1. Love it… looks like you know how to have fun!!!

  2. Ha ha ha, looks like a ton of fun.

  3. LOL! Awesome! It reminds me of my rehearsal dinner when my friends reenacted the “Say a Little Prayer” scene from My Best Friends Wedding.

  4. Oh, wow! I am not so brave or funny!

  5. I don’t get to go to as many weddings as you get to go to. And it looks like you have so much fun at them.

    I still love Celine from when she sang in French.

    I realized that our “Best of NH” award ceremony awards an award for Best Gluten Free menu. The winning restaurant this year has all gluten free bread and pizza, but it’s probably 2 hours away from home. Close to where I go to hike on weekends. So I know where I’ll be going to eat on the weekend of the week I’m going to try to be gluten free.

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