I’m really ticked off at myself as I apparently forgot to save the latest copy of my presentation so that I can practise it tonight at home. The copy that I stayed 2 hours after work working on because my dry run was a fail. Sigh.

Oh yeah, if you could pray for me at 1:30 pm MST, I would really appreciate that. Thank you.


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5 responses to “Ack!

  1. Good luck tomorrow! I’m sure you’ll do great 🙂

  2. Good Luck! SITS sent me over. I’m having a giveaway where everyone’s a winner, so please drop by if you have the chance…

  3. Good luck. You’ll do great! I have lots of free exclamation points if that will help.

  4. It is a little late, but hopefully everything went well! I really enjoyed looking through your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine.

  5. I’m so sorry about the presentation! I hope all went great!

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