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Gum Paste Gong-Show

Michaels is out of gum paste. How is that even possible? Apparently it’s because there are 15 people in my class who all need gum paste. Last week there were 5 people including myself – I wonder where the magical 10 people come from?

Anyways, this leaves me with somewhat of a problem as I need gum paste for tomorrow’s cake decorating session. I have a few options: I could go way down south and hope that one of the other stores has some (unfortunately me & wild goose chases are only friends at work or school), go to Walmart and hope that they have some or make some. The latter is the only apparent option as I have my own personal trade embargo with Walmart – but I don’t have all the ingredients for either of the 2 recipes I can find. (It’s too bad that Planet Organic doesn’t sell gum tragacanth.)

So what can I do? I “adapt” the recipe found on the can of gum-tex I have. This is how:

Bean’s Hopefully Working Gum Paste

Mix 3 cups of icing sugar with 1 Tbsp. + a little bit of gum-tex, 1/2 tsp xathan gum (it’s a gum, I hope it helps :P) and 1/2 tsp. of cream of tartar. Put 4 Tbsp. of warm water and an overfilled Tbsp. of clear corn syrup in a glass measuring cup. Nuke the water mixture for 30 seconds then poor into sugar mixture. Mix with hand until smooth and slightly less sticky. Now you’re supposed to put the paste in a sealed plastic bag for 8 hours then add an extra cup of icing sugar. I needed carnation bases, so I put most of the gum paste in a bag, added a bit of sugar to the rest of the paste, and made my bases.

I can only hope that it works.

Here’s what they look like:



Now I feel a bit accomplished as my gum paste didn’t appear to be a fail right away. But it still was a gong show as I really had no idea what I was doing.

Have you come up with any creative solutions lately?


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