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Cabin Weekend

Over the weekend, Mr. Bean and I headed out to the cabin for the night to get away from the city. We didn’t get in until fairly late but that just means neat fire photography.


It’s like we have a welding shop in our fire pit!



In case you haven’t guessed, I absolutely ADORE swimming. Even in really cold bodies of water – like a glacier fed river for example.


My sister recently got back from visiting Quebec with her boyfriend and all the river water is brown. Apparently that’s because the water comes from/goes through swamps. (yuck!) I’ll take bloody cold clear glacier water any day!

Some of our neighbours have llamas. They are crazy and they want to eat my parent’s dog. On Saturday, they couldn’t do much more than flomp – I can’t blame them as it was pretty hot.


We also have a resident deer in our yard – he lives underneath the front deck. He’s quite the adventurer – he tried to go explore the garage:


Fortunately, the deer problem is less than on Vancouver Island. (Random tangent: A rabbit had made its home in my parent’s front garden until my brother went and threw a fence post at it. It hasn’t been back since.)

You might guess what the cabin looks like from looking at the garage – what do red, wooden buildings remind you of? That’s right, the cabin looks somewhat like a barn:


I guess it’s somewhat suiting for a family of animals like us.

What do you think about deer/rabbits/animal population that has taken residience in your city?


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