Pool Party (Sort of)

Today it is quite hot (28C – 82F hot for Calgary, okay?) so Heather and I went over to her aunt’s pool for the afternoon. Her mum, sister and uncle  joined us and it was quite enjoyable.


Heather’s mum is a nurse so I learned all about giving blood. I’m usually quite squeamish when it comes to needles (I faint)  but I’m really curious to know what my blood type is. Have any of you given blood before? What was your experience?

Heather and I were able to have a nice chat and we’ve decided that at some point we’re going to make a whirlwind trip out to her family’s cabin near Whistler. (The site of the 2010 Olympics anyone?) I’m really excited – we’ve been talking about going out there for at least 3 years already.


What do you do when it’s hot outside?



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7 responses to “Pool Party (Sort of)

  1. I went fishing with my Dad today! We never caught anything though …

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment on my post. I cool down in the summer by sitting in my car with the air full blast.

    I don’t have fear of needles. Giving blood for me is fine except afterwards i feel as if I have been drained and i get queesy.

  3. When it’s hot outside, I sit in my cubicle at work and wish I could enjoy it! Ha. Or I eat, sleep, and play out there if I can.

    I loved your moose apron by the way!

  4. Rae

    I love the look of that pool! So sad that it can only be used a few months out of the year. Of course this is coming from someone who agrees that 82 is hot, but still! As for what I do? I just sit around lethargically!

    I hate needles as well (though maybe not as much as you) but I’ve found that as long as I distract myself giving blood isn’t a problem. It helps that it feels like something really good that I can do for no cost, and since I can’t do much else it is a no-brainer for me. I highly recommend that you try it once. Then you can find out your blood type as well as whether you really hate giving blood.

  5. I had a couple bad experiences giving blood, and it left me very afraid of needles, especially when I was getting blood drawn.

    But then I decided to become a nurse, so I made myself face the fear. I am now a Commit for Life member and donate once a quarter. When I go, I eat a big meal beforehand, I make them put my feet up right away, and I don’t look at all. I make sure I am distracted, by TV or a book or something, and then afterwards I relax a good long while.

  6. 82 is hot for Calgary!
    But, wow, I would take it!!! It’s been upper 90’s-100’s here. Scorching and miserable.
    A pool is a great place to spend a hot afternoon!

    Thanks for the comments – yes, I think the pants would totally work for a production of “Aladdin”, and nothing else. 😉

  7. I’m want that pool!

    Unfortunately I can’t give blood in Canada because I’m from England. (which seems a little odd to me but whatever)

    Thanks for visiting my blog – very pleased to meet another Calgarian blogger!

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