Vancouver Island – Animals

While on the island, we say lots of various animals – while golfing, visiting cheese makers, at the beach, at the ferry, at Coombs and outside the cottage.

This blue heron, like all blue herons I’ve seen, was quite happy to stand near the shore.



We saw a crazy amount of goats – some even on the roof!*


This goat wanted nothing to do with me unless I fed it noms.


This goat wanted nothing to do with me at all. Sad day.


This calf was crazy. It wanted to eat my fingers.


There is an over abundance of deer around the cottage but at least a few of them were fawns like this guy.


This is a banana slug – don’t touch them as they’re really sticky and will make your hand feel a bit numb. They are Mr. Bean’s favourite slug ever.


These frogs were in one of the water hazards at the golf course. Can you believe that I’ve never seen frogs that large before? Or their tadpoles? I feel like I missed out on something.




We found this big jellyfish floating at the edge of the beach – thankfully it was dead so Mr. Bean poked it with a stick.


There were also many mini clear harmless jellyfish that are oddly satisfying to pick up and try to skip.


And the best for last – we saw a whale. Two actually!


Whales are ridiculously hard to take photos of, especially if you don’t have a telephoto lense.


Seen any exciting animals lately?

*The goats on the roof are in Coombs – they are so funny. Plus, you can get really good ice cream there. Yum.


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8 responses to “Vancouver Island – Animals

  1. I’m in awe– this is awesome!

    I just see my cat 😦

  2. Those are exciting animals! I especially love the picture of the starfish!

    My exciting animals are my hamsters. Squee!!

  3. Well, what a great bunch of animals you have seen! I am NOT FOND of that banana slug at all! QUITE creepy!

    We have blue herons at The Glen from time to time…I think they stop off on their way to a nearby lake…they are HUGE!

    Thanks for stopping by The Glen today!
    Enjoy your adventures!

  4. Looks like you had a great time! 🙂 So many fun animals!

  5. Rae

    I have not seen many animals at all recently.

    Love the goats!

  6. Wow – those pictures are amazing!! What a fun day!

  7. My favorite and that is not an easy task to do, is the butterfly and the plants. Something about that photo kept me mesmerized. Beautiful — all of them.

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