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Stampede Party 2009

Currently in Calgary, it is Stampede time, which means free pancake breakfasts* and work stampede parties! It also means that lots of people are dressed in western garb – including cowboy hats!

A while ago, the city was handing out free cowboy hats and one of the other interns and I went and picked some up. We weren’t pleased with the boring white hat with black ribbon, so on Tuesday at lunch we brought supplies and decorated our hats. There’s no way better to show off your company pride then to put its name in rhinestones on your hat.

Here’s my hat:



Please don’t mind my incredibly messy desk. I have difficulty keeping it clean.

And here we are at our work’s party:


Does your city/town have any special annual events?

*Today was an uber stampede day for me – in the morning I volunteered at our building’s stampede breakfast (one of my 101 things) and then the work party that started at lunch!


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