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Mr. Bean and I just got back from watching the second Transformers movie, keeping in line with our month-a-versary/anniversary transformer watching tradition on opening night.*

The verdict? Ah-mazing! There were a few awkward moments a la the first movie but it came together really well at the end. Most of the time I was caught between laughter, marveling at the graphics and being semi-anxious about the main characters during the intense action. (Am I the only one who gets anxious when the main characters of a movie are in mortal peril?) I don’t want to give anything else away, so watch the trailer and then go see it in theatres!

Seen any good movies lately?

*Mr. Bean and I went and saw the first Transformers movie on opening night, which also happens to be our 2 year dating anniversary and the day that we got engaged! Yesterday just so happened to be our 10 month-a-versary, so the movie release had good timing!

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