Religion Quiz

When Jenna posted about this quiz, I wanted to take it.

religion quiz

I’m not surprised by the first answer – I have grown up in the Anglican (Episcopalian for you south of the 49th parallel) Church. I didn’t know that I have similar beliefs to Quakers – do you know what they believe in?

What do you believe in?


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3 responses to “Religion Quiz

  1. zoliepup

    When I did this, I came out Liberal Quaker, then UU and then Humanist, with Taoism not far behind… I thought all of that was weird given my religious Catholic and then non-denominational Christian upbringing, but I suppose I am pretty open minded despite my beliefs.

  2. blythewhite

    My top response was the same, and Quaker also followed closely after. Quakers are generally conservative Christian protestants, but they are strongly bent on pacifism.

    Orthodoxy and Catholicism were really strong for me, too.

    LDS was 53% (which is reciprocal to That Wife’s 56% Christian Conservative Protestant). I thought that was interesting.

  3. Rae

    I got 100% Orthodox and Catholic which I had wondered about since it seems that their percentages matched up for most of the survey results I’d seen. The funny thing was that #3 Orthodox Quaker and #4 Hinduism. ? I have no idea.

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