Our New Doorstop Neighbour

Guess what I saw as I walked down our front path this morning?


Yes, that’s a baby jack rabbit. I’m not a huge fan of jack rabbits in general but I can make an exception for this little guy.


Apparently the baby isn’t frightened by Mr. Bean or is too frightened to move as Mr. Bean was able to get really close.

Now if only I could find some baby ducks to take pictures of…

Seen any baby animals lately?



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8 responses to “Our New Doorstop Neighbour

  1. Seen any baby animals?

    let’s see…
    the bojillion bunnies on our land…

    It’s a veritable wildlife zoo here. And they keep on reproducing!

  2. Babies are always so cute, you just have to make an exception. Even with the damn geese, but they’re starting to get their adult coloring so maybe I can annoy them again.

  3. Sabrina – I agree with you about geese. They’re so cute and happy as babies but now that they’re getting bigger it’s hard to like them.

  4. Oh, he really is adorable…great pics!

    Thanks for stopping by to visit today. I agree, I think it is the most awesome thing when you find out people have been praying for you without even asking!

    God bless!

  5. Rae

    I’ve never encountered a jack rabbit, so I have to ask what is so bad about them when they are grown? I do agree that this one is cute!

    And to the list of cute-as-babies-not-so-much-as-adults we must add chickens.

    • I’m not a huge fan of jack rabbits because they breed like crazy and eat stuff. On my parent’s street alone, I think there are at least 6 resident jack rabbits.

  6. oh my my that is just tooo cute! too bad my dogs would eat it…or i’d totally go get a bunny!

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