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Wilton III, Graupel and Coconut Ice Cream

My mind is somewhat kaput currently, but I want to share the three most pressing items on my mind:

  1. Wilton: Today was my first Wilton course 3 class. I unfortunately don’t have any pictures as it was mostly practising various techniques and learning a few new borders/garlands. We also learned how to make the base for the fondant rose – I have to make 40 of them by next week.

    Next week we’re making the “present” cake with fondant – my first “proper” fondant cake!

  2. Graupel: As I was biking home this evening, I was graupelled upon. It was cold, wet and not recommended.
  3. Coconut Ice Cream: On the weekend I picked up some coconut ice cream from our local health food store. This stuff is true to its name: it so SO DELICIOUS. Even if you can have dairy, you should try it. I am currently modelling “cookie dough” – it is gluten and lactose free. 🙂


What’s the best thing you’ve eaten in the last few days?


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