Radium Hot Springs: Food and Horseshoes

One night while we were in Radium, Mr. Bean and I went for dinner at “The Black Forest Restaurant” in Invermere. We chose to go there as apparently they have excellent schnitzel and it’s all very kitschy. It’s pretty entertaining as all the servers wear costumes, the outside looks like this:


and the inside looks like that:


If you’ve ever been to the alps in southern Bavaria, there are buildings actually that look similar to this, which is pretty awesome.

Mr. Bean started off with some shrimp, mushroom and garlic butter appetizer:


then he had schnitzel with crab, asparagus and Bearnaise sauce for dinner:


I had my favourite drink, Shirley Temple:


Then I had pacific salmon with rice pilaf and veggies.


For dessert we had creme caramel. So tasty. We didn’t eat the flower; do you know if violets are edible?


After dinner we played a game of horseshoes at our hotel.


Only Mr. Bean managed to get the horseshoe around the peg.


The two on the right are mine because I’m just that great.

Have you ever been to a kitschy restaurant? What was your experience?


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11 responses to “Radium Hot Springs: Food and Horseshoes

  1. I’ve actually been to a German Restaurant that looked a bit like that. All the servers were dressed in elaborate traditional garb. It was pretty neat.

  2. Jen

    looks like you had a great evening! I have no idea if you can Violets! I am here from SITS! I hope you have a great Saturday!!

  3. What a FABULOUS looking place! My stomach is growling after seeing those plates! Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by my blog! ;O)

  4. I don’t even know what schnitzel is but I wants some…

    We have a very kitschy in a not meaning to kind of way Italian place up the road. The food is faboo-the decor. 1950s meets the Godfather in your crazy Aunt Doris kitchen. 🙂

  5. Jen

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! To answer your question, We start back to school in the middle of August and then go to the first week in June.

    Also I changed my settings on my blog so you should be able to comment now using your wordpress account. Can you do me a favor and try to comment using this account so I can see if it works!!

    Thanks you’re the best!!!


  6. hey I got a 100mm Macro lens, and so far I love it! That dessert looks quite delicious!

  7. San

    Awesome restaurant! The food looks so pretty.

    Thanks for popping by my blog & leaving such nice words 🙂

    As for kitschy places I went to… I guess not. Haha! I am adventurous in that way, ya see. 😛

  8. Oh, yummy. This looks delicious!!

  9. Hmm tough to say. A macro lens can also be used to make really nice porrtraits, and its an all around fun lens, but not that usable in general life. Some zoom lenses have some macro capabilties, but not like a true macro lens.

  10. Hey!! Stopping by from SITS!! That food looks soooo yummy!! Can’t wait to look through the rest of your blog!! Have a fab Sunday!

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