The Registrar’s Office

Remember going to the registrar’s office for the first time? You’re a bit nervous  and you need to get something signed or straightened out. You have high hopes (they deal with lots of people – they should be pretty fast!) until you see the room full of people waiting. Unfortunately, today I needed to venture there again to change my name from Miss Bean to Mrs. Bean. I got there at 12:39, took  my ticket and sat in a chair to wait.

Just so you know, my university in its infinite wisdom joined all the different service areas into one big one. Sure, before it meant you had to go to different places to get different things done, but the person doing it could actually do things pretty efficiently. Now? not so much.

When I arrived, the registrar’s office had two people working – one seeing students and the other dispensing tickets and playing with scissors. (I kid you not.) The rational part of me knows that “hey, it’s lunch hour, so maybe the people are all having lunch.” But at 1 o’clock (when most lunch hours are over) everyone disappeared. For 10 minutes. Then one person came back and took his sweet time getting organized. Finally at 1:30 everyone else decided  that perhaps it was time to show up and start working.

Finally, it was my turn! I filled out the appropriate form, the guy photocopied my ID and marriage certificate and then attempted to change my name. But it wouldn’t. Here I’m thinking “it’s not that difficult to change my name is it?” Apparently so – their database (peoplesoft *grr*) kept on giving him error after error with every attempt. Really, my new last name isn’t that hard to spell – it’s easier than my other one!

The good news is that 80 minutes after I arrived, my name was officially changed. 80 minutes to get through 20-25 people? That’s only good time at the registrar’s office. I know it could have been a lot worse – I’ve been there in August.

What is your worst registrar’s office experience?



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2 responses to “The Registrar’s Office

  1. Rae

    Wow, that is pretty bad. Sorry that it sucked so much time. I have to admit that I never really had a bad registrar’s experience. Most of the time it was just a matter of dropping off a form that required a signature since all of the real registration was done online.

  2. I am so glad I graduated before I had to do the name change thing. I still have to do it through work but I know only one woman who works for the department that I have to go through.

    I did however one time have my paycheck go through the bursars office so I had to wait in a long line of students paying their bills while one old lady helped them. In their infinite wisdom they kept the cash box in another room so each time someone paid she had to wander off to another room.

    And of course the whole time we could hear someone else in the back just messing around. Ah bureaucrats.

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