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Wedding Weekend Complete

Mr. Bean’s cousin’s wedding last weekend was a lot of fun! I’m really glad that we went – I haven’t seen a lot of Mr. Bean’s family since our wedding!


I even managed to do slap leather all alone (which prompted the DJ to play Cadillac ranch later on the in evening much my delight) but I did try to teach the line dance to two of Ian’s aunts with disastrous results. Oh well!


Since there’s really only one big eventĀ  space in Lloydminster, the wedding was at the same place as the groom’s older brother, which means I now have two versions of this photo:

DSC_0502 00620015

The one on the left is from this last weekend and the other is from September 2006.

I do find it a bit ironic yet fitting that my favourite photo from the weekend is of food:


Being that this was our first wedding since our own, it was interesting to “see it from the other side.” I am happy that I’ll never have to participate in a bouquet toss again yet I liked being in one because they are so entertaining and ridiculous.

For all the married people out there: How did you find the first wedding you attended after yours?

*I will post about their decor, etc. on my wedding blog to inspire anyone who still reads it.


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