April Lifestyle Challenge: My Favourite Free Activity


I love walking. I’ve walked to school all the way until last year (Elementary, Junior High, High School and the first three years of university). I walk at lunch. I walk to counseling. I walk down a busy street after counseling to beat the bus to the next bus stop. I walk home from the train after work. Mr. Bean and I usually go for weekly walks around our community. So, it made sense that when I was out in Whitecourt with work, I would go for a walk during my free time.


There was a path along the highway, which was nice. It has a pretty awesome name:


The clouds were especially beautiful despite the wind:


What is your favourite free thing to do?



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3 responses to “April Lifestyle Challenge: My Favourite Free Activity

  1. Rae

    I share your love of walking. Walking is perhaps my favorite way to spend time with my husband.

    I must say though, looking at these pictures makes me all the more grateful for the green that has surrounded my walks this past week or so. Thank God for spring!

  2. Lucky you! Northern Alberta is definitely very brown this time of year. Here, the grass is only starting to turn green in places and buds are starting to be on select trees. I can’t wait for spring to really arrive!

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