April Food Challenge: My Favourite Food(Snack)


I know it’s supposed to be something a bit more complex and exciting, but I’ve been doing a good job of filling my time with making cakes. So, I give you my favourite snack of all time: toast with marmalade and cheese.I used Food for Life’s raisin pecan bread, marmalade that my mum makes* and marble cheddar cheese. So. Good.




What is your favourite snack?

* You could also used store bought marmalade. Or if you have a craving for sweets, try honey.


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2 responses to “April Food Challenge: My Favourite Food(Snack)

  1. I’m not a huge jam fan but for some reason seeing that gave me flash backs to Nutella. We only used to be able to get it on our visits to Canada when I was younger.

    That was, to me, the whole reason to make the trip.

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