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I’m back!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to go wander around the field because it was too muddy. (Read: even quads get stuck.) So, I don’t have any pictures of really exciting field type things – like separators, batteries (the mini refinery place), wellheads and pumpjacks. I’m a bit bummed. But, I guess on the bright side, I did learn a fair amount while doing the well review and I got to meet some of the field guys.

To make up for the lack of oil field related pictures, I’ll show you how oddly mesorizing pumpjacks can be:

I did take some pictures to give you all an augenblick of Northern(esque) Alberta:






Everything was pretty dead looking – only the pine trees were green.

The town we stayed in had a sawmill. I have never seen a bigger pile of wood in my life:


The creepiest thing about this trip is that there may or may not have been a bullet hole in the comforter on one of the beds in my hotel room. What do you think it is?

hpim2014Needless to say, I slept in the other bed.


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