I’m going to the Field!

Not the Field that we went to on our Honeymoon and back in February – it’s the oil field that I deal with at work! It’s truly in the middle of nowhere:

house-mountain-locationI’ve been wanting to go out to the field since last summer and now is my chance!  We leave tomorrow and get back on Thursday – I’m not terribly excited for the 6+ hour drive. I get to rock my coveralls, hard hat and steel toed boots in the mud for the next few days. When we’re not sitting at the field office looking for ways to improve production, that is.

Unfortunately, I won’t quite look as cool as this (taken last summer – breaking in  my boots before our friend’s wedding):


I’ll do my best to take pictures so you can see what Albertan muskeg looks like in April.

This may mean that tonight’s cake post will be postponed until Friday when I actually have time to write it. If it’s any good, I might post a sneak peak.

See you on Thursday!


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3 responses to “I’m going to the Field!

  1. Zoliepup

    Have fun and be careful, ok?

  2. Rae

    You look so cute, er, I mean cool, in that picture that it is too bad that you had to ruin it by telling us that you won’t actually look like this in the field. Of course I imagine that it is probably just too cold still. You have to wait until summer to wear this for field work.

    I didn’t even know what a muskeg was prior to reading the term here and looking it up, so I really do hope that you get a good picture to further my education. 😉

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