Biking Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the first day that I am going to bike to work since last November.(!!!) It’ll be quite a change from biking in the dark now that the sun rises at about 6:30am.

My trek is fairly long, especially if there is a headwind. Want to know what it looks like? This is the paint version:

map-to-workIt’s not actually as twisty as that, I just didn’t feel like to changing the settings in paint. The blue thing is the bow river. There is an elevation difference of at least 50 metres, so it’ll be fun times getting home.

I really like my bike. We’ve been through a lot together. It’s pretty:




With all the cakes I’ve been making lately, it’s a good thing that I am starting biking now!

How do you get to work?



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4 responses to “Biking Tomorrow

  1. i love cycling around the park in the evening. once i tried biking but it ends up i hurt my legs..hard especially when climbing up hills.nway, good luck for tomorrow 😉

  2. Zoliepup

    My work moved and it’s pretty far now. I either take the bus or drive. Plus I often have to go several places in one day.

    I have a Kona bike too, and you’re making me want to drag it out of the basement! Hope you have a great ride 🙂

  3. Rae

    That is great that you are back biking to work. Love the map!

  4. I drive to a park and ride (10 min) then get on a bus (45 min) and walk the rest of the way! It’s quite a trek, but at least it’s cheap – my work pays for my bus pass. I would totally bike if I could!!

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