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My Wilton I Cake

For this class, we had to make 2 batches of icing of various consistencies and colours for practising and decorating the actual cake. Unfortunately for my poor cake, I ran out of icing to ice it properly and it kept on being attacked on my kitchen table until I broke down and bought a caddy. Poor cake – I was so mean to you.

Here’s all my stuff ready to go. I swear, some people take less on business trips. dsc_0091

When we got there, we practised making stars, squiggles and writing. I’m one of those people that once I am under a bit of pressure and my hand is tight, I start shaking. My guess is that someone in an earthquake would have a steadier hand than me.

We tried making the base for the Wilton rose, which ended disasterously, so we moved onto our actual cake. Using wax paper and piping gel, (the clear version of what they stick on DQ cakes) we traced and then transfered the rainbow image onto our cakes. We then first piped around each rainbow “layer”, then filled it in with stars:


There’s a show case of my mad-shaking-hand skills. Thankfully, it did get a bit better as I went along.

I only managed to finish what I last showed you at class – when  I got home, I finished decorating it. I was having a few problems writing nice looking letters (I wasn’t using the right consistency of icing – whoops!) so yellow icing kind of got smeared everywhere. So much for the “rope” writing that can be picked off with a toothpick.

Because of this cake, I think I’m the reason why it snowed on Monday night/Tuesday. Oh, the irony:



I really like the clouds, can you tell?

For this cake, I used the white cake recipe from the Joy of Cooking (I’m not going to post the recipe yet as what I did needs work) and cherry pie stuff as the filling. I brought it to work on Tuesday morning  and I still am getting compliments, so it must have been a good combination. My manager even asked me if I would make a spiderman cake for his kids. (I’m not sure if he was kidding or not!)

Tune in next week for more cake!

Note: Do make sure you have enough #16 tips if you’re going to take this course. I only had one (they were sold out) and it slowed me down having to wash it everytime I wanted to use a different colour.


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