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Our “Passover” Cake

Now that we have power again, (some champion drove their car into the power box near our house) I can finally share my next baking adventure.

Last night, we had our bible study group over for fellowship after the Maundy Thursday service at our church. It was fun fitting ten people into our tiny living room – it’s a good thing we all like each other!

For this event I promised that I would make some kind of gluten free, flourless, non-leavened treat for people to share. So, I found and made the “Dark Goddess Cake” from Karina’s Kitchen. You may think it’s a silly name, but it’s the chocolate lover’s dream cake. It’s like if mousse were going to become more chocolately and become a cake, this would be it. It probably helps that I used 4 bars of 85% cocoa Lindt chocolate. Yum.

(Please note that instead of butter, I used margerine to keep with our whole “giving up dairy for lent” thing.)

Four melted bars of chocolately goodness:


The recipe calls for “Happy Free Range Eggs,” but there is no “Happy Egg” brand in Canada. So we made our own:




This cake got raving reviews from everyone in my bible study, so you should try it!

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