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April Lifestyle Challenge: My Favourite Free Activity


I love walking. I’ve walked to school all the way until last year (Elementary, Junior High, High School and the first three years of university). I walk at lunch. I walk to counseling. I walk down a busy street after counseling to beat the bus to the next bus stop. I walk home from the train after work. Mr. Bean and I usually go for weekly walks around our community. So, it made sense that when I was out in Whitecourt with work, I would go for a walk during my free time.


There was a path along the highway, which was nice. It has a pretty awesome name:


The clouds were especially beautiful despite the wind:


What is your favourite free thing to do?


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April Photography Challenge: Favourite Photo


My favourite photo that I took was a rose from the bouquet Mr. Bean got me when I got back from the field:


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April Food Challenge: My Favourite Food(Snack)


I know it’s supposed to be something a bit more complex and exciting, but I’ve been doing a good job of filling my time with making cakes. So, I give you my favourite snack of all time: toast with marmalade and cheese.I used Food for Life’s raisin pecan bread, marmalade that my mum makes* and marble cheddar cheese. So. Good.




What is your favourite snack?

* You could also used store bought marmalade. Or if you have a craving for sweets, try honey.


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Happy Birthday to Me!

My age is now a palindrome, it’s sunny outside and Mr. Bean is making Mexican food – the makings of a good birthday. Woot Woot!


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Wilton 1 Cake 3

For our last class, we got to make our “graduation cake” – i.e. a cake with the exquisite Wilton rose on it.

First, we learned how to make the petals on the rose. I was having lots of difficulty because I forgot my spatula and all the icing consistencies were off. Thankfully, someone had corn starch to thicken it (and proceeded to liberally cover myself with it) yet I managed to add too much.

We also needed to make dried drop flowers to put on this cake. None of my drop flowers were dry, so that was a bit discouraging. I guess it is ironic that the time when you want something to dry, the weather is having its token humid week. Oh well.

Don’t be like me – remember to bring your spatulas, actually count how much water you’re sticking into your icing and leave long enough time for things to dry.

I need to learn that leaving the cake on my kitchen table = death for iced cake, so my cake has some not quite healed battle wounds.





So, this completes Wilton Course 1. I signed up for course two which starts next week, so stay tuned!


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