Our office…

Was a mess. If you don’t mind me, I’m going to go hide from embarrassment:



But after a few hours of work, it’s still a bit messy, but much more livable! Maybe I can show my face again…




Complete with one box for Goodwill! Now to find a way to reduce the number of sentimental items…

Wonder why I did this? It’s always good to do a bit of spring cleaning.


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2 responses to “Our office…

  1. He he he, I like the transformers poster.

    Good cleaning and organizing job. The trick will just be keeping it that way. Maybe a liberal use of barbed wire.

  2. Ugh, our office is just as bad. But what makes it worse for me is that the majority of the stuff in there is my husband’s, so I can’t donate it without asking him. And he’s uber-sentimental. Damn. It’ll probably always be a mess.
    But you did an awesome job!!

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