Zoo Day!

Today, Mr. Bean and I went to the zoo for some pre-winter-weather-warning fun.

What can you do at the Calgary Zoo?

You can pet dinosaurs: hpim1755

You can rock suspension bridges:


You can watch elephants wander around:


Or pretend to be one yourself:


You can watch monkeys trying to escape:


You can fall asleep on branches:


Or watch baby giraffes:


Or watch baby gorillas:


Or watch the visiting Koalas:


Or Sting Rays as they swim by:


But make sure that you are wary around the hippos:


Don’t forget to notice the very large owl (and don’t jump when you see it. I … definitely … didn’t…):


But most importantly, remember to have fun!


What did you do today?



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3 responses to “Zoo Day!

  1. hi bean, i hope u enjoy ur day at the zoo 😉 just dropping by to let u know i gv u an award. so if u hv time, pls collect it at my page 😉

  2. Poor Monkey, Someone needs to give him a tin cup he can rattle across the bars.

    He he he, your little owl reminds me of the time my family, my husband and I all visited the desert dome. They got all excited and surprised when they noticed two little owls down on the ground completely shocked and thinking they might be hurt.

    I had to suppress a giggle or two to explain to them that they’re burrowing owls and they live underground.

  3. That is so much fun. Ryan and I wanted to go the zoo last year but it is hard to make the time! Love the hippo sign! Also, GREAT scarf 🙂

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