Shoe Love

(Warning: This post is pretty shallow. But I’m excited that I found a pair of heels that actually fit properly! Feet that are somewhat wide, have high arches and small toes don’t really fit well with most shoes.)

I needed a new pair of dressy heels because my old ones stopped supporting my feet properly – I guess that’s what you get for 20$ shoes. This is what I found – they were the first pair that I tried on!

Aren’t they pretty?



hpim1703What are your favourite pair of shoes?



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3 responses to “Shoe Love

  1. First, I adore these shoes. They are classy, but a bit sassy as well!

    Second, the meal you posted before the shoes looks so.darn.GOOD! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Zoliepup

    I don’t think you are being shallow. We need clothes to wear, and aside from the wedding it’s rare to do things for yourself.

    Don’t feel bad about it!

  3. R

    The fact that they were the *first* pair that you tried on was what got me! that is quite impressive. They are cute as well, though I always prefer to see shoes on a person (I know it’s not as good for pictures).

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