Lent at the Beans

As many of you know, Lent starts today. I could explain all about it, if you didn’t already know what it is, but I’ll let the people at Wikipedia do that for me.

So the big question is, what are we giving up for lent? Well, we’re doing two things, really.

1. We’re giving up dairy. That’s right, no cheese, yogurt, milk, casein, chocolate, cheesecake or creme brulee. At one point in our lives, both Mr. Bean and I were either diagnosed allergic or intolerant to milk. So, we’re going to clear out our system of something that might not be the best for us anyways.

2. We’re going to do daily devotionals together. I have to admit that I have a terrible track record at daily reading scripture and thinking about it, so hopefully this Lenten season will be my chance to get in that habit. And learning more about God’s word isn’t a bad thing, either.

What are you sacrificing/abstaining from/giving up this lent? What are you doing to grow your spiritual self?


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5 responses to “Lent at the Beans

  1. I fear I am quickly becoming lactose intolerant too (damn german genes, why couldn’t I get more Scandinavian?!) but I don’t think I could give up milk and especially cheese without some sort of prying out of cold dead fingers.

  2. Zoliepup

    I haven’t done a lent sacrifice in a few years, but last night I was explaining to fiance how it works. In the past, I’ve given up meat, cursing, and all kinds of other things. But the hardest by far was giving up chocolate!

    Each year I try to do something extra as well, like volunteering at a soup kitchen once a week or some other community service project.

  3. First, I wanted to say I loved your field pictures and I am so sorry I missed out commenting there! It was beautiful 🙂

    Second, I have never sacrificed for Lent before, but I am giving up complaining! I put ten cents into a jar for each complaint and at the end I’ll tithe that money. First, it helps me to be more appreciative of God’s blessings. Second, it helps my church.

    Way to go on the devotionals– I love doing that!

  4. Sabrina – yes, it is a hard decision to not eat cheese. But at least both of us are doing it and misery loves company.

    Zoliepup – giving up all chocolate is so hard. Especially when I have some sitting in my fridge. I think doing community service projects are a great idea!

    Kaitlyn – good for you for giving up complaining! You’re a braver soul than I!

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