Making our Room Prettier – Part 2

Continuing on from before

After painting the room, we finally received our new bed frame. On Boxing Day, we went and got a lovely painting that I would really like to live in.


Yes, that is my penguin that I’ve had since I was a baby. And I do have a salt lamp – my host father from my German exchange gave it to me.


Mr. Bean has a “Stupid Quote of the Day” calendar, which he keeps on his bedside table.


Here is my dresser and the entrance to our walk in closet. My mum painted the pink jewelery box for me. The weird machine type thing is a “magnetic air filter and ionizer” that is supposed to release negative ions that helps one to relax. I personally find the hum it makes more relaxing than anything else.


Here is the end of our bed. I want to know what we should stick on the wall opposite the painting as it is currently blank. Any suggestions?


What unique things do you have in your bedroom?  When you have redone a room, what did you do?

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