Making our Bedroom Happier – Part 1

When Mr. Bean and I moved into our condo, our bedroom was a deep yellow colour as seen below:


(Note: this photo is deceiving – in some lights, it almost looked like there was grey and green mixed in with the yellow.)

As you hopefully know, darker coloured paint = apparently smaller room. Our room is fairly small and not extremely well lit (being in the basement and all) so having such a dark colour didn’t make any sense. Plus, I wanted to make it happier, so we decided to repaint, with a lighter shade of yellow.


So what did I do? I taped the samples to the wall. We ended up picking “lemon sorbet.” Doesn’t that sound tasty?

Next,  I taped up the room:



And began painting! (Can you tell I’m impressed with my taping job?)

If you could repaint any room in your house, which room and what colour would you pick?



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2 responses to “Making our Bedroom Happier – Part 1

  1. When we moved into this house my parents asked me to pick a wall color. I chose yellow. Now, I just wish I had remembered that “tan” is a COLOR! Ha.

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