Isn’t it funny…

… that when you don’t quite get a message, God brings out his sledgehammer?

I haven’t been to our home church in a while either because of lack of sleep, having an allergic reaction to a medication or actually being able to sleep. I knew that I was supposed to be there this morning, so I went even though I wanted to sleep in more. At one point in the service, our pastor tells us of words, pictures, feelings, etc. that people got while praying before the service. Yes, God, I know that I’m dizzy and I need to forgive myself. But most importantly, I knew that I was that rose in the centre of those dark brambles and bushes being eaten by a worm that desperately needs the light of Christ. So, I swallowed my pride and went up for prayer. I cried during the entire thing, but it was worth it. Thank you God – you really know what is best for me.

Has anyone else had a sledgehammer experience?

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  1. We’ve been blessed to have pastors that really, really challenge us. The biggest for us was when we committed ourselves to sexual purity– we’d been talking but not making a commitment, and we watched a service online that moved us to decide! I love the sledgehammer analogy 🙂

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