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February Lifestyle Challenge

I really like the premise of February’s lifestyle challenge. It was to show someone we love how much we love them. I chose Mr. Bean. Granted, he already knows that I love him. (And I do a lot!) I wanted to choose to do some things that if I would really rather not do, but I did them anyways to show Mr. Bean how much I care for him.

Choice 1: I washed plastic bags.

I usually hate washing plastic bags and would rather throw them out. However, Mr. Bean chooses to wash them, so I decided that I would let up on his case about washing them and wash some of them myself! Yes, we dry them on our flat top grill as we’re lacking in counter space (Mr. Bean wants to call him Steve.)


Choice 2: I watched Batman Begins

I’m not a huge fan of superheroes thanks to my orthodontist. But, Mr. Bean really likes them, so we watched this movie and it was actually really good! I might actually now be convinced to watch Dark Knight, whereas before I would have rejected the idea without second thought.

Choice 3: I made Mr. Bean Pie

I have had some pretty frustrating experiences with pie crusts made from scratch in the past and to be honest, I’d rather make cakes. But, Mr. Bean always pines for pie and names it as his favourite dessert. So, I put aside my dislike of making pastry from scratch and I made Mr. Bean a strawberry rhubarb pie. When he got home and saw the pie he did a little dance and picked me up and swirled me around.


More about the pie later.

What have you done recently to show people that you love them?

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It’s raining outside

Or at least from our eaves trough.


And it results in:


And this skating rink of a front porch:


Complete with the inaugural shower as you try to enter the house. We do has some pretty neat icicles, but not quite as neat as this one:


What are the quirks with your house?


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February Food Challenge – Part 2

As I mentioned previously, I did this month’s challenge in two parts. The second part was making a strawberry cake for my bible study.

The cake was strawberry cake from scratch from Good Things Catered.

I replaced the cake flour with:
1 1/4 c. Brown Rice Flour
1/2 c. Tapioca Starch
1/2 c. Potato Starch
1 tsp. xathan gum

The icing was strawberry cream cheese icing minus the pecans.

Unfortunately, I made the mistake of using light cream cheese. DO NOT DO THIS! It is a mistake and the icing never quite thickened like it should have. It was one of the causes of my “really bad day of February,” so don’t do that to yourself! (The other was how vista and my printer were against me printing my assignment properly.)

I forgot to take a picture before the cake was cut, but I took a picture the day after. It looks a bit gumpy, but it’s very tasty!


Have you tried to make anything pink before?

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Lent at the Beans

As many of you know, Lent starts today. I could explain all about it, if you didn’t already know what it is, but I’ll let the people at Wikipedia do that for me.

So the big question is, what are we giving up for lent? Well, we’re doing two things, really.

1. We’re giving up dairy. That’s right, no cheese, yogurt, milk, casein, chocolate, cheesecake or creme brulee. At one point in our lives, both Mr. Bean and I were either diagnosed allergic or intolerant to milk. So, we’re going to clear out our system of something that might not be the best for us anyways.

2. We’re going to do daily devotionals together. I have to admit that I have a terrible track record at daily reading scripture and thinking about it, so hopefully this Lenten season will be my chance to get in that habit. And learning more about God’s word isn’t a bad thing, either.

What are you sacrificing/abstaining from/giving up this lent? What are you doing to grow your spiritual self?


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Our weekend in Field

This is the village of Field:



It is really sunny and has very large snowbanks:


That we like to get stuck in:


As we watch the trains go by:


Especially as they cross the road letting us leave the town:


And see herds of elk:


We go for walks:


We go snowshoeing:


And go skating:



And are amused by random structures:


And cafe signs:


We battle ice sculptures:


And eat marshmallow snow:


Watch the sunĀ set behind the mountains:


And curl up for the night in our cozy cabin.


We had lots of fun!



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