Alberta Healthcare really needs to be improved…


  1. You’re impressed that you get a room in less than an hour (the crazy person’s room – go figure) and the ER doctor actually comes and talks to you.
  2. You’re really impressed that you’re in an out of emergency in 6 hours even though you found out there is nothing else that you can do that you haven’t already done to prevent another episode.
  3. That the nurse was shocked that you got an appointment with a  psychiatrist in less than two months.
  4. After the 6 hours, you still didn’t see the on call psychiatrist.
  5. That there is a poster in the waiting room saying: “In a room or in the hallway – your treatment and care is first to us.” But why should people be treated in a hallway?

I know I shouldn’t complain as we have universal health care, but there are so many ways it could be improved. Some ways that I can think of:

  1. Have nurse practitioners in clinics – it allows the doctors to do things that can’t be diagnosed from an untrained eye. (ie. sinus infections, shots, stitches, colds, broken arms, etc.)
  2. Have a walk-in clinic at hospitals, so people without a GP aren’t taking up space in the emergency waiting room.
  3. Put extended care patients in an extended care centre so they aren’t taking up valuable resources.

At least Americans, if they  have money, can get the treatment they need when they need it. If I were more serious, I would definitely go down to the Mayo Clinic.

What are your thoughts on healthcare?


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5 responses to “Alberta Healthcare really needs to be improved…

  1. Health Care is a complicated thing. It’s so expensive because we put so many restrictions and requirements on it (it’s amazing just how much money a company has to spend to put one drug on the market).

    True here if you have the money you can get whatever you want, but again you have to have they money to get your doors open. So someone could easily die from something easily treatable just because they don’t have the right insurance.

    I think fixing health care for anyone would require a major overhaul of the entire system and I don’t see that happening.

  2. Well don’t show this post to the democrats. They have stars in their eyes about the dream of universal health care.

    That Husband had an Aunt suffer for many years because of the “universal health care” system in Poland. She finally died last year (I say finally because it was a very painful and terrible existence for her), sad for her relative to see her go, but wonderful to know she was out of pain.

    Once she called an ambulance and it took them 6 hours to arrive. 6 HOURS! And this is what America seems to want.

  3. Sabrina – I do understand how expensive healthcare is. The thing is the Canadian government just keeps on throwing money at the healthcare system to not much avail. Thus, I think even if there are small changes made to the system, the money would actually make a difference.

    Jenna – Sad day for That Husband’s Aunt! At least the ambulance came? Overall, I think universal healthcare is good as a safety net for everyone, but the government has to be really careful to keep it somewhat efficient. I’m personally more of a fan of some public and some private healthcare – it means that the people who really need help but can’t afford it can get care and people who can afford it will be in and out of the system quickly.

  4. I think you were on the money that it needs to be changed in small ways, not overhauled. It sure is better than the US, where if you don’t have insurance you suffer (case in point: me). I agree with Jenna about the Democratic plan for health care though– I can only see it doing more harm than good.

  5. Kaitlyn – Boo for no insurance. I know in Alberta if your work does not provide any kind of health coverage, there is something called “Alberta Blue Cross.” It’s basically insurance that you pay for yourself – you pay like $50/month (or more, depending on your plan) and you get coverage for a certain amount of things (I think ours is 70% of most drugs, semi-private hospital care and some amount for dental, but I’m not entirely sure.) Is there anything like that in the states?

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