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Update: The Chocolate Cake Challenge – Gluten Free AND Dairy Free Style

In case there are any of you interested in making the recipe I used for the Chocolate Cake Challenge but wonder about a dairy free variety, wait no longer! (Note: This variation is going to be less sweet than the original, but that’s probably better for us anyways. 🙂 )

Cake Variation:
Instead of using 1/2 c. butter, use 1/2 c. dairy free margerine or shortening. Substitute 1 c. dairy free dark chocolate for the white chocolate. Proceed as Normal.

Frosting Variation:
Obviously, the cream cheese icing will not work. I suggest Chocolate Banana Frosting instead. Just substitute the butter with margerine and the milk with a milk substitute. Or, any dairy-free chocolate frosting can be used.



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