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It’s the good ole Hockey Game…

Yesterday afternoon, Mr. Bean and I headed out to my parent’s cabin for a game of ice hockey and New Years Day Dinner.

My parent’s cabin is awesome because it kind of looks like a barn, but it’s not. (Or maybe it is a barn when the whole family is there because we’re just a bunch of monkeys – haha.) I forgot to take a picture, but I will next time.

There haven’t really been any chinooks lately, there is a fair amount of snow on the ground, or even on the railings as witnessed by the back deck:


Look at the birdhouse – doesn’t it look really happy with its snow hat?

Every year,¬† my mum spends hours and hours building a hockey rink in our back yard. It’s actually quite big and my brother and dad put up boards and everything:


My brother is in the while, my dad is playing goalie, my sister is in the red talking to her boyfriend in the black/yellow. (He’s cool because he’s training to be in the 2014 Olympics for Skeleton. And he’s cool for other reasons, too!)

I don’t usually get all dressed up to play hockey, but last Sunday I wasn’t wearing shin pads and was hit with a puck. My leg is still bruised. But here we are in all our glory:


Hockey was fun, but it gets dark so early, we had to cut it short. Then we had a tasty dinner of lamb and drove back into town. Poor Mr. Bean was a bit stressy as it started snowing in the evening, which makes the various hills that we need to go up and down rather interesting.

What excitement have you gotten up to for New Years?


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