Boo… Sickness.

So, I’m sick. It’s been a long time in the coming and my sinus infection is finally here. Not cool. I even took this afternoon off of work to sleep, which I did for 3 hours.

Mr. Bean is being nice and making me some chicken soup. I’m also going to up my intake of vitamin D and C*, stay really hot as well as try to sleep more. Oh yes, and take my antibiotics. What do you do when you’re sick?

Since I’m prone to sinus infections, it helps if I don’t blow my nose. I know you’re thinking: “What? why don’t you blow your nose? Isn’t that important to get nasty bits out?” Well, for me when I blow my nose it forces some of the stuff back into my sinuses making it worse. So maybe my coworkers had a secret reason for wanting me to go home – they were sick of my sniffling. Do you do anything non-conventional when you’re sickly?

On a side note, Mr. Bean works at a Cancer centre and had to do this “employee orientation” thing this morning. When he got home from work, he shared this wonderful video with me:

Why don’t we do it in our sleeves?

I especially like it when the plasticine “germs” die.

*I think they’ve done studies that disprove vitamin C from really helping colds, but if you have it early on (at least for myself) it’s helpful in making things less severve. Plus, the chewable stuff and fruits are really tasty.


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  1. Oh goodness, feel better soon! I’ve come down with a bit of the flu myself and I feel for you πŸ™‚

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