With Gratitude

As I’m supposed to be writing thank you cards at this moment, I thought this was appropriate.

Someone on my facebook posted this video:

I think there’s always something about dancing that lifts ones spirits. But this begs the question – what am I grateful for?

Here are ten (of many more!) things in my life that I am grateful for:

  1. I have a wonderful husband who loves me despite my flaws.
  2. I have a loving family who is hilarious.
  3. Lucky, who brings a smile to everyone’s face. (and is a champion, but more on that later.)
  4. That I am not persecuted because of my faith or political beliefs.
  5. That I am able to go to school.
  6. That I have a job, even though I don’t always like it.
  7. That we have a roof over our head that we don’t have to worry about being taken away.
  8. For all of my friends.
  9. That I can ride my bike to work every morning.
  10. That we have plenty of food and don’t have to go without.

What are you grateful for?

(Did anyone else think of this video when they saw the guys dancing)


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2 responses to “With Gratitude

  1. successforrealpeople

    I start my day by writing out the things that I am grateful for. I find that it helps set the tone for my day. Thank you for sharing your gratitude list.

    Have a wonderful day!


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